Women Make The Move First

We are the first Muslim Matchmaking Application where Single Muslim women make the move first. We empower women to oversee their own life. There is no shame of sending a proposal as a woman. Follow the footstep of Hazrat Khadija (RA)

User Has 48 Hours To Reply

We know how you feel when you message someone and the other person never bother to reply, or simply ignores you. Although it is considered rude in a lot of cultures, this is just a reality. Our likes and matches expire in 48 hours.

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Take Control Of Your Information

You get to choose what and how much you prefer to share until you feel comfortable with matched users. Our feature will allow you to blur your pictures.

Quality Verified Users

We know you have a class and standards; therefore, our app showcase quality user. All our users are verified via our picture verification mechanism, selfie verification and phone verification system.

Available on Google Play
Available on Apple Store

Your Privacy Is Our Priority

You are one’s daughter, sister and going to be a wife; therefore, we designed our platform by keeping “You” “ladies” in our mind. We require direct login on our application to protect your privacy. We Strive hard to keep your information safe and secure by not disclosing to anyone, including your friends, or Rishta aunties.

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