What is Muzproposal

Muzproposal is the short form of Muslim’s proposal. Muzproposal is the matrimonial organization helping Single Muslims find their partner on our online app or offline events.

Goal: We want you to connect with local singles through our live events or on our online app.

Mission: We have serious and sincere intention to help you find your other half.

Why Muzproposal

Firstly, we do not encourage dating on our platforms. If you are to compare any app or events out in the world, you will find or have someone who experienced the dating culture on all those app or events out there.

Secondly, we created a sense of urgency on our app and on the events. Our app or event is not for time pass. It is for serious and sincere people like yourself.

Finally, unlike other apps and events, we are not a money making organization. We only charge our users so others do not abuse our platform.

Where can you find us

We are on your phone. Just kidding! Muzproposal is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. To access our events, you can visit our event page on our website and see all the current events happening in and around your city.