What is the event about?2019-03-07T07:46:11+00:00

A Muslim Matrimonial event where individuals will have an opportunity to meet other singles on one on one basis in a group environment.

When is the event?2019-03-07T07:45:59+00:00

The event is on February 23, 2019, we advised you to be at the venue no later than 6 pm.

Where is the event?2019-03-07T07:45:45+00:00

The WestIn Bayshore Vancouver

(Marine Room)

1601 Bayshore Dr, Vancouver, BC, V6G- 2V4

Who can participate?2019-03-07T07:45:33+00:00

Anyone eligible for marriage (Single, Divorced, Widowed).

What are the ages of the participants?2019-03-07T07:45:17+00:00

This particular event is geared towards the age group of 20-35.

What is the general format?2019-03-07T07:44:59+00:00

– Check-In @6:15 pm sharp

– Event Introduction @6:30 pm

– Meeting Rotations (1.5 hours) Starts at 6:45 pm

– Participants will have an opportunity to meet other participants in a rotational setting

– Dinner will be served towards the end of the program around 8:30 pm, limited to participants only

Can Parents or Chaperone attend?2019-03-07T07:44:28+00:00

Parents/guardians can be present. There will be a waiting area for them, and we request them to remain seated during the session.

How much is the ticket?2019-03-07T07:44:16+00:00

The ticket price for this event is $55 which includes dinner.

Where can I purchase the ticket?2019-03-07T07:44:00+00:00

There are limited tickets. It is first to come and first serve basis.

The ticket is available online only and there will not be any on-site registration or tickets. Ticket must be purchased in advance.

Other important information2019-03-07T07:43:49+00:00

Muzproposal team members will be available to guide you throughout the process and will be available to answer your questions and provide each participant with a comfortable experience.

I still have a question2019-03-07T07:43:24+00:00

Please connect with us via email at info@muzproposal.com or on Facebook @Muzproposal

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